About NPC

Naperville Pom & Cheer is a girls cheerleading organization for girls entering 1st through 8th grades. Eligible participants must be 6 years old by September 1, 2018 AND entering 1st grade in the fall - no exceptions. There are no tryouts and ALL girls will be part of a cheerleading group. No cheerleading or tumbling experience needed.

Naperville Pom & Cheer's goal is to introduce basic cheerleading skills and promote an enthusiastic environment at football games.

Assigning girls to squads is a challenging task! We group the girls according to their grade and school or choice of grade and school, if different. Siblings will be assigned to their brother's grade and school. Our squads may consist of girls of varying ages for these reasons. Sometimes, the football teams consist of boys from many schools or they may all be from the same school. It depends on the number of boys that register from a particular school and grade. Then, as we assign the squads, we place the girls and the siblings with their requested grade and school. Some squads will have girls from different schools based on the football teams. No squad will have more than 15 girls and no less than 6! For this reason, coaches/assistants should not assemble their own squads. We also have to make sure that we have a coach/assistant and enough girls to form a squad. If there are not enough girls registered for a particular grade and school and/or there is not a volunteer coach, girls will be reassigned to a different squad and/or nearby school or the squad may be disbanded. If you are not willing to be reassigned to another squad, you may request a refund. Siblings, cheerleading coaches' or football coaches' children do not automatically get on a squad.  Placement is based completely on the order in which registration forms are received. Squads are considered complete if they have the minimum number of 6 girls by the registration close date (July 1, 2018). As you can see, this is a very difficult process. Your understanding and patience is appreciated. If you have additional questions regarding the formation of squads, please email us at fbcheerinfo@napervillepomcheer.org or uniforms@napervillepomcheer.org. Please include "NPC" in the subject line. Squads will not be formed until August after the football teams are formed.

This season there will once again be a travel football league that will feed players into their high school programs. We are trying to assemble squads for the travel league. Girls entering 1st through 8th grade may cheer for these teams.

Our season will begin with a cheerleading camp August 1st and August 2nd. This is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged. Emails will be sent to registered participants with more details closer to that date. The location is Players Indoor Sports Center, 1740 Quincy Avenue, Naperville, Illinois. The St. Raphael Football season starts the first week of September and runs until the end of October. The football schedule will be available late August or early September at www.straphaelyouthfootball.com 

If you know of anyone interested in joining Naperville Pom & Cheer, please direct them to the website. We will NOT be distributing registration forms through the school systems.



NPC Officers Include:

Lisa - fbcheerinfo@napervillepomcheer.org

Erica - treasurer@napervillepomcheer.org

Shireen - uniforms@napervillepomcheer.org

Elise - spiritwear@napervillepomcheer.org

Karen - volunteer@napervillepomcheer.org